When a specific job demands it, knowing the physical ability and overall health of employees is pertinent information for an employer. That’s why Denali Occupational provides preventative services as well as other physical and diagnostic testing to suit your needs. Depending on the field or industry, knowing your employees are healthy and suited for their positions is key in ensuring health and safety throughout a company and even outside of a company.

However, when used as part of the hiring process or as a condition of employment, there are certain things to keep in mind. This includes what type of physical may be appropriate for your industry and legal considerations associated. We recognize this is an important topic for employers to understand so we’ve put together this quick guide to help inform your decisions around employee physicals.


Legal Considerations 

While it is legal to ask job candidates to do a pre-employment physical, careful consideration should be given regarding potential discrimination. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, exams should only be required after a job offer is made. In other words, a physical exam cannot be a condition of a job offer. However, once an offer is a made, a test—which is relevant to the potential position— may be administered and may include mental health, physical and/or psychological examinations.

Another consideration concerning legality is keeping expectations equal across the board, meaning if you require one candidate to submit to certain testing you must require it for all candidates. Simply put, one person cannot be singled out for a physical as this would be discriminatory.

Finally, be aware of appropriate tests for your sector. Example: flexibility, balance, and general physical fitness examinations are appropriate in sectors concerning physical labor, but may not be for traditional office jobs.

*Please note: While we’ve taken the time to research and put together this information, it should be viewed as a guide and not legal advice.

At Denali Occupational, we’re here to provide you with the employee health services you need for your business. So, keeping your specific sector and needs in mind, here are a few examples Physical Examinations we provide.


Hearing Test

This is a requirement under the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure standard and helps monitor and protect the hearing of those exposed to an environment with a Time Weight Average of noise higher than 85.


Hazmat Physical Exam

Required by OSHA in work environments where exposure to hazardous materials is likely. Exams monitor employee health and help ensure employees do not experience adverse health effects due to exposure.


CDL Medical Exam

Required for commercial vehicle drivers. (For an example check out our blog on the DOT Medical Exam.)


We hope you found this information helpful. Remember to keep Denali Occupational in mind for all of you occupational health needs and contact us today to talk about how we can work with you!